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Fraunhofer ISE

Ouda, M., Hank, C., White, R.J., Schaadt, A., Klein H., Henning, H.-M. (2018): A Novel Process for Oxymethylene Ethers (OME) Synthesis – Designer Oxygenated Fuels for a Clean Combustion

2018 Energiewirt-schaftliche Tagesfragen et

Fraunhofer ISE/KIT

Hank, C., Gelpke, S., Schnabl, A., White, R.J., Full, J., Wiebe, N., Smolinka, T., Schaadt, A., Henning, H.-M., Hebling, C. (2018): Economics & Carbon Dioxide Avoidance Cost of Methanol Production based on Renewable Hydrogen and recycled Carbon Dioxide – Power-to-Methanol 2018 (accepted) Sustainable Energy and Fuels, Royal Society of Chemistry

HS Reutlingen

Ajit Toradmal, Thomas Kemmler, Bernd Thomas;

Boosting the share of onsite PV-electricity utilization by optimized scheduling of a heat pump using buildings thermal inertia, S. 248-258,

2018 Applied Thermal Engineering, (137)

HFT Stuttgart

Harter, H., Weiler, V. & Eicker, U. (2017). Developing a roadmap for the modernization of city quarters. Comparing the primary energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. Building and Environment (112), 166–176.

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2017 Building and Environment (112) – peer reviewed 

HFT Stuttgart

Weiler, V., Harter, H. & Eicker, U. (2017). Life cycle assessment of buildings and city quarters comparing demolition and reconstruction with refurbishment. Energy and Buildings (134), 319–328. - Thomson Reuter List

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Energy and Buildings

peer reviewed 
 HS Reutlingen

Widmann, C., Lödige, D., Toradmal, A., Thomas, B.: „Enabling CHP units for electricity production on demand by smart management of the thermal energy storage”, S. 1487-1497
2017 Applied Thermal Engineering (114) – peer reviewed 
Hochschule Reutlingen Thomas, B., Toradmal, A.: " Intelligente Steuerung dezentraler Energieversorgungssysteme“, S. 38-39 2016 Ingenieurspiegel, Public Verlagsgesell-schaft und Anzeigen-agentur mbH, Bingen, Ausgabe 4, 2016, ISSN 1868-5919