ENsource paper presented in San Francisco

ENsource paper presented at Building Simulation conference in San Francisco

A ENsource paper was presented at the renowned Building Simulation conference held by the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) in San Francisco in August this year.

The paper with the title „Life cycle assessment of buildings and city quarters analysing the influence of different climatic conditions” was written in course of the master’s thesis of Hannes Harter and Verena Weiler and was presented in San Francisco by Ursula Eicker. In the paper, a method for evaluating the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions during the whole life cycle of buildings, which includes construction, use and end-of-life, was developed. This methodology was first verified on a single building of the Olga Areal, a planned quarter in the centre of Stuttgart and then applied in large scale to the city quarter of Stöckach in Stuttgart. The analysis simulates and compares different refurbishment scenarios to show the contribution of refurbishment and reconstruction of buildings to reach the climate goals until 2050. Additionally, different climatic conditions were simulated to show the influence of a mild winter e.g. in San Francisco.

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