ENsource visited for the second time the United States

Three workshops where held to discuss future challenges of smart cities research

Photo: Nathalie Schueller

For the second time HFT Stuttgart and ENsource visited the United States within the scope of their joint venture research marketing project CITYtrans. The project aims to increase the degree of awareness for SmartCity research nationally and internationally.

Three large-scale workshops where therefore hosted at the end of November under the involvement of the German participants, including representatives of the research association ENsource.

The German Center for Innovation and Research New York and the NYIT acted as official partners at these events. Their focus was on developing integrated energy concepts to improve the performance of already existing infrastructure in urban and industrial districts. The overall target is the development of new research projects, for example in the field of Energy Islands/Microgrids in the EU program Horizon 2020.

More than 150 participants from a variety of different areas like research centers, municipal administration and corporate businesses from investment companies to innovative start-ups attended the workshops .

This events are also meant as a platform to encourage scientific and professional exchange in the fields of dynamic 3D city modeling and other research approaches linked to Low-Carb-Cities.

American cooperation partners of the BMBF funded Citytrans project are the Institute for Urban Systems and additional research departments of the City University New York (CUNY), New York University (NYU) and the New York Institute for Technology (NYIT). The German Center for Innovation and Research New York (GCRI) and NYIT where co-organizer of the workshops.

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