1st Annual Meeting

1st Annual Meeting held at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen on the 07.10.2016

The 1st Annual Meeting of the ENsource consortium was fittingly held just a day after the signing of the Paris Agreement on the 06.10.2016.

In his reaction to the Paris Agreement, US President Barack Obama spoke of the nations of the world fulfilling their obligations on a historic day which may well represent a “turning point for our planet”. The Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, was also positive in his response to the signing of the agreement: “Global momentum for the Paris Agreement to enter into force in 2016 has been remarkable. What once seemed unthinkable is now unstoppable.”

Climate change mitigation and the preservation of dwindling resources are taken very seriously in the EU. The Paris Agreement is a global climate contract which aims to prevent the global average temperature from increasing any higher than 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The Center for Applied Research – Urban Energy Systems and Resource Efficiency (ENsource) aims to contribute to the achievement of that goal.

This meeting of the ENsource consortium was the first to be attended by trustees from the fields of politics and business. The center’s Director, Prof.Dr habil Ursula Eicker, welcomed all participants and emphasized the important role feedback from the trustees plays in the verification of the approach adopted by ENsource.

ENsource’s bottom-up approach to energy transition is being tested within the framework of various projects and cases studies in preparation for upscaling. Its main areas of focus are digitalization and the development of software-based management tools.

The Annual Meeting was used as an opportunity to not only present and discuss the progress made within specific work packages and case studies, but also agree on the consortium’s next steps.

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