UAS Aalen

Aalen University of Applied Sciences is a modern university where academic excellence in both teaching and research is a standard not to be compromised. This fact is confirmed by the numerous technology transfer centers of the institution, the library, which is very well stocked in the engineering sciences, for instance, and the scientific facilities which are modernly equipped at the very edge of technology.

Founded in 1963 as a state engineering school and transformed into a university of applied sciences in 1971, Aalen University of Applied Sciences currently hosts 5.700 students studying in the university's five academic schools, which are Chemistry, Electronics & Computing Science, Management & Business Sciences, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Technologies and Optics & Mechatronics.

The professorship for renewable energy focusses on the investigation of strategies for the regional energy transition with all its technical challenges. The appendant laboratory for Renewable Energies has an ultra-modern equipment and wide professional, organizational and technical support.  ENsource is established at the professorship of Renewable Energies. In this connection the Aalen university is coordinating and researching in the case study “Smart Village Rainau”. In Rainau the implementation of different future-oriented technologies is planned. These are for example a two-stage biogas plant, the biological methanisation combined with renewable hydrogen production and cogeneration of power and heat. For the production of hydrogen excess power from photovoltaic systems and wind-energy is to be used. In addition, the solar thermal power as well as efficiency strategies for buildings and traffic play a major role in the overall system. Last but not least a controlling system will be applied to guarantee a matching load management. A consortium of the local energy supply company, local plant engineers, SIEMENS, the VR Bank (for business models) will realize the project.


Prof. Dr. Martina Hofmann