ENsource - UAS partner

Participating professors at Universities of Applied Science (UAS) are all members of the Baden-Württemberg Center of Applied Research (BW-CAR), an inter-university platform for outstanding research at universities of applied science. Membership of BW-CAR is dependent on the provision of evidence of high-quality research activities, publications and external fundraising. 

Members of ENsource use a bottom-up approach to describe the systems installed within environments ranging from individual buildings to entire districts. Their findings are combined and used to simulate the respective environment. To give an example, this allows HFT Stuttgart to use detailed building data to calculate the heating requirements and photovoltaic potential of entire districts or even cities. Reutlingen University, on the other hand uses its Test Centre for Heat Pumps and CHP Plants to investigate the operational characteristics of specific systems. Among other factors, the strength of the cooperation within the network is attributable to the fact that the bottom-up approach pursued by ENsource complements the top-down approach adopted by Fraunhofer ISE and ZSW, thus enabling the various institutions to mutually evaluate and enhance the quality of their work.

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