Within the framework of ENsource the ZSW focuses its activities on the area of energy management and the design of energy systems.

In the area of energy management the ZSW is engaged in developing strategies and functions for a central energy management system. Based on energy market prices the central energy management system should be able to interact with the decentralized subunits in a way that they attain a price-optimized overall schedule for the complete system.

Furthermore the available flexibility can be offered at the energy balancing market to increase revenue. Therefor communication with the decentralized units is realized via internal energy prices, schedules and flexibility potential.

Besides that load predictions plays an important role in optimizing the overall system and generating schedules.

In collaboration with the ENsource partners it is intended to develop methods that attain a total optimum while interacting and optimizing hierarchically within different detail levels and simulate the defined use cases.

For the planning and design of future renewable energy scenarios the ZSW tool P2IONEER is used. With P2IONEER the cost optimal combination of renewable and conventional energy generation as well as storages for a given share of renewable can be calculated. Furthermore the transformation trajectories to the respective target scenarios are generated.


Dr. Jann Binder